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Glam Aesthetics Group’s revolutionary procedure fat grafting with stem cell therapy, designed to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. If you are looking for a way to improve on your looks, our clinic is the best option for you!


Fat Grafting is an advanced procedure which stands for harvesting fat from one area of your body and injecting it into another area.


Stem Cell Therapy utilises your body’s own regenerative power to rejuvenate your skin.


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What is Fat Grafting with Stem Cell Therapy?

Fat Grafting with Stem Cells: a term that has likely piqued your curiosity. Allow me to elucidate. Envision a therapeutic strategy, innovative, advanced, and somewhat daring, which cleverly utilises the body’s own reservoir of cells – stem cells – to rejuvenate, revitalise, and repair compromised tissues. This approach has stirred up the field of regenerative medicine, ushering in a new era of healing potential for a myriad of health conditions


The key to this lies in the unique attributes of these cells. Here’s the insight. Stem cells, unlike their cellular counterparts, are master adaptors. They possess the extraordinary ability to differentiate into diverse cell types. Neurons? Certainly. Epidermal cells? Undoubtedly. Myocytes? Assuredly. This cellular versatility makes them an unparalleled resource in the healing and regeneration of various tissues throughout the body.

When you explore the procedure of Fat Transfer with Stem Cells, you’ll find a harmonious orchestration of medical interventions. The process begins with the extraction of stem cells, typically from the patient, followed by the simultaneous harvesting of adipose tissue via liposuction. These are then meticulously processed and combined, forming a regenerative mixture that is poised for reintroduction into the body. Upon their deployment, these tiny cellular troopers spring into action, not only restoring volume and improving contours but also initiating a healing and rejuvenation process at the cellular level.


Venturing into the applications of this therapy is like embarking on an exhilarating journey. Its scope is extensive and diverse. Orthopaedic injuries? The procedure has made strides there. Age-related cosmetic concerns? It’s leaving a significant imprint. Certain stubborn chronic ailments? Indeed, this treatment is making its presence known.


However, it’s vital to remember, while the appeal of Fat Grafting with Stem Cells is substantial, it’s still a developing field within the medical community. A surge of research is underway to fully unfold its therapeutic potential. As with any medical decision, a comprehensive dialogue with a healthcare provider is indispensable to shed light on both the potential benefits and the inherent risks.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells, ever heard of them? They stand out, even in the vast universe of cells. Their distinctive trait? They can morph into a variety of our body’s cells – thick skin cells, muscle cells – you name it. That’s the reason they’ve become central players in regenerative medicine.


At Glam Aesthetics Group, we’re doing something revolutionary. We’re leveraging the incredible potential of these stem cells in a unique procedure known as Stem Cell Therapy. This isn’t your everyday treatment. It’s trailblazing. By deploying stem cells, we’re helping repair tissue damage and enhancing the body’s intrinsic ability to heal.


Yet, Stem Cell Therapy doesn’t stop at just beautification. Granted, it does wonders for your skin, making it look revived and healthier. But, there’s more to the story. It’s shown encouraging outcomes in managing health conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. So, it’s not solely about turning heads; it’s about enhanced wellness.


Being at the cutting-edge of such treatments is a source of pride for us at Glam Aesthetics Group. Our dedication lies in providing treatments that are not only safe and effective but also natural. Opting for our Stem Cell Therapy is more than a beauty choice, it’s an opportunity to tap into your body’s innate healing power. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Facial Fat Grafting London

Facial Fat Grafting – it’s like the magician of cosmetic procedures, pulling tricks that you wouldn’t believe! Imagine reaching down to those extra pockets of fat that linger in the nether regions of your body – perhaps around your tummy, maybe on your thighs – then syphoning them off, only to re-introduce them lovingly into your face. Sounds like a fairytale? It’s not!


This Fat Grafting Face procedure serves up a platter of aesthetic enhancements; from puffing up the thin, tired-looking zones on your face, smoothing over those pesky wrinkles that won’t take a day off, to sculpting an overall face contour that’s nothing short of a masterpiece. The real hero, however, is the material we’re using – it’s your very own fat, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or rejections, and giving results that scream ‘natural’!


But here’s the real kicker – Facial Fat Graft is not just a one-trick pony! No, sir. It’s got other arenas it can conquer:


  • Fat Grafting Breasts:

Who needs synthetic implants when you can naturally amplify the volume of your breasts with fat grafting? Whether it’s a total enlargement you’re after, or merely a touch-up following fat grafting breast reconstruction surgery, fat grafting is there to lend a helping hand.


  • Buttocks:

Ever heard of a Brazilian Butt Lift? That’s Fat Grafting with Stem Cells stealing the limelight again, working to give you a fuller, rounder rear view.


  • Hands:

Our hands can sometimes show the first signs of ageing, but with grafting stem cells, we can roll back the years, restoring that youthful plumpness that tends to slip away.


  • Body Contouring:

Want to smooth out a dent here, or add a curve there? Fat grafting has you covered, tailoring your body contour to align with your aesthetic vision.

Fat Grafting with Stem Cell Therapy– Step by Step

Navigating the journey of Fat Grafting with Stem Cells involves a deep dive into a complex interplay of state-of-the-art medical techniques and your body’s own miraculous biological potential. This innovative procedure brings together the benefits of two potent therapies. Let’s unravel the intricate steps involved in this remarkable treatment, bringing clarity to this advanced aspect of regenerative medicine.


  • Initial Consultation:

The voyage commences with an in-depth dialogue with your healthcare provider. A thorough assessment of your medical history, a discussion around your expectations, and an exploration of potential outcomes lay the groundwork for a treatment plan tailored just for you.


  • Harvesting:

The first significant step in the procedure is harvesting. This involves the extraction of stem cells, renowned for their ability to morph into different cell types, often from the bone marrow or adipose tissue. Concurrently, a process known as liposuction is utilised to remove excess fat from areas such as the abdomen or thighs.


  • Processing:

After harvesting, the focus shifts to processing. The collected stem cells are isolated, and the extracted fat undergoes a thorough purification process in a laboratory setting. This critical stage ensures that only the most robust and functional cells are selected for the next step in the procedure.


  • Combination:

In this vital phase, the stem cells are combined with the purified fat, creating a potent, regenerative cocktail ready for reintroduction into the body.


  • Reintroduction:

The heart of the procedure lies in the reintroduction of the processed cells and fat into the targeted areas. The stem cell-enriched fat graft is carefully injected to enhance volume, improve contouring, and stimulate regeneration at a cellular level.


  • Recovery and Results:

Post-procedure, the body’s natural healing mechanisms kick into gear. The recovery process and timeline are specific to each individual, influenced by factors such as personal healing capacity and the scope of the treatment. Over time, the combined benefits of the fat graft and stem cells begin to reveal themselves, with improved physical contours and revitalised tissues.

Benefits of Fat Grafting with Stem Cells

The landscape of regenerative medicine has been transformed with the advent of Fat Grafting with Stem Cells. This innovative fusion of treatments has, indeed, put a fresh spin on the therapeutic wheel, offering an array of intriguing benefits. Each benefit is as unique as a snowflake – distinct, yet contributing to the collective advantage of this cutting-edge procedure


  • Nature’s Best:

Here’s the first advantage. By harnessing your very own cells – both fat and stem cells – we’re diving into a realm of natural biocompatibility. Say goodbye to the risks of allergic reactions.


  • Two Birds, One Stone:

Volume enhancement and cellular rejuvenation? Yes, that’s the power combo we’re talking about. With the fat transfer working diligently to fill in those areas that time or life circumstances have caused to sag or shrink, and stem cells concurrently rejuvenating and revitalising the same area on a microscopic level, we’ve got you covered. The upshot? A notable improvement in skin texture, quality, and overall aesthetic appeal.


  • Results That Stay:

Here’s something that might make you sit up. You see, traditional fat grafting often faces the hurdle of fat reabsorption over time, but add stem cells into the mix? Well, now we’re playing a different game. By enriching the fat graft with stem cells, we are potentially looking at a significantly longer lifespan of the graft. Simply put, we’re aiming for results that stick around.


  • A Helping Hand with Pain:

Now, this is where the plot thickens. Persistent pain from conditions like arthritis or joint pain? Enter Fat Grafting with Stem Cells. This procedure has been making waves for its effectiveness in managing such chronic conditions.


  • The Future is Here:

Fat Grafting with Stem Cells is undoubtedly a game-changer. It’s new, yes, but it’s backed by promising research, and who knows what further benefits lie just around the corner?

Fat Grafting with Stem Cells @ Glam Aesthetics Group

Welcome to Glam Aesthetics Group, the epitome of a transformative aesthetic experience nestled in the pulsating heart of London. Have you heard of Fat Grafting with Stem Cells?  The concept, intriguing; the results, revolutionary. Here’s the catch: You’re not just a client, but an integral part of this process.


Picture stepping through our doors. The scene unfolds, a perfect harmony of a warmly inviting atmosphere married to state-of-the-art technology. Your senses are greeted by the buzz of innovation and the unmistakable assurance of a team that knows its stuff. These are the hands and minds that make the magic happen – our surgeons and care staff, seasoned professionals all with one shared goal – your journey from consultation to post-procedure follow-up, seamless, comfortable, and uniquely you.


Now let’s talk about the main event – Fat Grafting with Stem Cells. This isn’t your average aesthetic procedure. It’s an ingenious fusion, where your body’s own cells are the star performers. We’re talking about a rejuvenation process that isn’t just skin deep. Oh no, this is volume enhancement, cell revitalization, and even chronic pain management rolled into one.


So, why Glam Aesthetics Group? It’s simple. We are all about innovation, sure, but with a personal touch. Our mission is to design a bespoke treatment plan, just for you, considering your specific requirements, body dynamics, and of course, those aesthetic dreams.


Excited yet? We thought you might be. Book your procedure now and enjoy a complimentary consultation with our experts. It’s the perfect chance to quench your curiosity, share your hopes, and understand more about the exciting world of Fat Transfer with Stem Cells. We’re here to illuminate the path, offering clear insights into the amazing benefits and any potential risks of this ground-breaking procedure.


Join us at Glam Aesthetics Group, and take that first step on your transformation journey. It’s time to start the healing power of your own body, and redefine what’s possible with Glam Aesthetics Group! London, are you ready to embrace the future of aesthetic medicine? Let’s begin this adventure together. Book your free consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain what Fat Grafting with Stem Cells is?

Sure thing! It’s a procedure where your body’s very own fat and stem cells team up. They’re harnessed together to not just give your body an aesthetic makeover, but also potentially provide therapeutic benefits.

Will I experience pain during the treatment?

We prioritise your comfort at every step! We use local anaesthesia which numbs the treatment areas. So, generally, pain is minimal. Post-procedure, any discomfort you experience can be easily managed, and we’ll guide you on how.

What is the usual recovery timeline?

Recovery isn’t the same for everyone; it varies. However, most of our clients typically get back on their feet within a few days and resume their lives in about two weeks.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Like any other medical procedures, there are potential risks for Fat Transfer with Stem Cells. Possible side effects could include swelling, bruising, or discomfort, but these usually subside with time. We discuss all potential risks during your consultation.

When will I start seeing the results?

Ah, the anticipation! You’ll start seeing initial results a few weeks post-procedure, but the full effects often unveil themselves over a few months.

Will I be left with any scars after the procedure?

Our skilled surgeons strive for minimal scarring. Any incisions are typically small and made in areas that are not easily noticeable.

How safe is the procedure?

Your safety is our priority! The procedure is performed under stringent safety protocols and supervised by our experienced medical professionals.

How long will the results last?

Results vary for everyone, but generally, the effects are long-lasting. In many cases, they have been known to last several years!

Who may not be the right fit for this procedure?

Certain medical conditions could make this procedure unsuitable for some individuals. During your consultation, we assess your health history to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Why should I choose the Glam Aesthetics Group for this procedure?

Because we offer more than just procedures! At Glam Aesthetics Group, you get a blend of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care. Plus, you can benefit from a free consultation when you book your procedure. Sounds good, right?