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London Aesthetic Course

The Aesthetic Training that Glam Aesthetics Group offers is the best course for those that are in need for a change in their career. 

You can choose between two programs, the 12-ITP is more ample while the 8-ITP program includes the essentials. 

Book now to give your career a change!

What are 8-ITP & 12-ITP Aesthetics Courses?

Delve into the world of aesthetic treatments with Glam Aesthetics Group, where we honor our commitment to superior aesthetic education. Our core mission revolves around the transformation of enthusiastic individuals into proficient aesthetic practitioners.

We achieve this through our meticulously designed, custom aesthetic training programs, namely the 8-ITP and the 12-ITP. Our educational offerings are strategically customized to meet the distinct needs of those eager to plunge into the dynamically expanding domain of aesthetic treatments.

Aesthetic Training Fees and Structure

  • The 12-ITP program, methodically designed to envelop you in the landscape of aesthetics, is priced at £3698. This immersive program provides a comprehensive insight into the aesthetic industry, ensuring learners garner an in-depth understanding of the field.
  • Our 8-ITP program, costing £2698, lays down a robust foundation, equipping them with the necessary groundwork to propel their careers forward. Crafted with precision, these courses stretch over three intensely packed days of theoretical comprehension and hands-on practical experience, offering a well-rounded educational journey.

Meet Dr. Osh from BBAIM

Stepping into Dr. Osh’s universe is like embarking on an inspiring journey through the rich tapestry of aesthetic medicine. A distinguished aesthetic doctor, Dr. Osh has garnered far-reaching recognition for his tireless pursuit of learning. His global exploits have not only sharpened his practical prowess but also deepened his grasp of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, crafting his persona into a multi-faceted dynamo in the arena.


Knowledge, in Dr. Osh’s perspective, is not a private treasure, but a bounty meant to be disseminated. This belief drove him to cast his influence into the academic sphere. As a revered professor of aesthetics at Switzerland’s Ludes University, he gets to share his valuable insights, paving the way for the next generation of aestheticians.


But the tale of Dr. Osh extends beyond the confines of academia. His aspiration to sculpt the aesthetic industry propelled him to establish the British Board of Anti-ageing and Integrated Medicine (BBAIM). Wearing the hat of the CEO, Dr. Osh deploys his creative ethos to steer the organization, challenging conventions, and setting the bar high for aesthetics education.

His impressive career trajectory is a vibrant portrait of devotion and leadership, underscoring his profound influence on the aesthetics medicine scene. Dr. Osh’s significant imprint on this sector is a glowing tribute to his ardor, acumen, and dedication to cultivating a thriving network of proficient practitioners.

Aesthetic Course Programs Safety Certifications

The prestige that the 12-ITP aesthetic course within the UK is significant. This program is accredited with a distinguished UK certification, serving as a golden feather in your cap. It also opens the door to avail Medical Malpractice Insurance through our esteemed insurance partners. This provision adds an essential layer of security for aesthetic practitioners, safeguarding their practice, fortifying their reputation, and instilling trust in their clientele.

Our aesthetic training course structure and curriculum strictly adhere to guidelines outlined by Health Education England (HEE) and the General Medical Council (GMC). This adherence ensures that our content remains contemporary, pertinent, and harmonized with the global best practices. The comprehensiveness of our course material draws backing from the British Board of Anti-ageing and Integrated Medicine and has received endorsements from national and international universities, elite medical institutions, and esteemed aesthetics and anti-ageing societies around the world.

Why Should You Book a London Aesthetic Training Course?

In our quest for cultivating successful aesthetic practitioners, we have taken a novel approach, harmonizing elements of perplexity and burstiness in our aesthetic course methodology. Our pedagogy encompasses a blend of individualized, self-guided study that extends over 2-4 weeks, intertwined with engaging, interactive, in-person sessions spread over a span of 3-5 days.

This multifaceted approach assures a comprehensive learning experience that seamlessly marries theoretical understanding with hands-on practical application. The success of our 8&12 ITP cosmetic courses, manifested in our alumni who are making significant strides in the aesthetic industry, attests to the effectiveness of our unique methodology.

Navigating Through the Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is an amalgamation of essential skill-based modules, each one designed with precision to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the field. The modules cater to a broad range of aesthetics areas including:

  1. Foundation in Botulinum Toxin:

This module encapsulates the science and techniques underlying anti-wrinkle treatments, concentrating on the upper face area. It gives an intricate understanding of the composition, structure, and available products of Botulinum Toxin Type-A, highlighting its economic considerations and therapeutic mechanism.

  1. Foundation in Dermal Fillers:

Here, learners will be exposed to the intricacies of treating nasolabial folds and lip area using dermal fillers. It encapsulates the knowledge about Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Injections, their history, background, composition, structure, and available products in the market.

  1. Masterclass in Microneedling:

This module unfolds the principles and techniques of microneedling, a potent treatment for addressing diverse skin issues.

  1. Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology:

This segment presents crucial insights about human anatomy and physiology, essential for the safe and effective practice of aesthetic treatments.

  1. Vitamin B12 Injection:

This module focuses on the importance of Vitamin B12 injections, the process of their administration, and the numerous health benefits they offer.

  1. Complications Management:

This indispensable module prepares practitioners to handle potential complications, emphasizing patient safety and ethical practice.

  1. Life Support:

A critical part of any medical setting, this module equips learners with life support skills.


  1. Introduction to the safety tools and use of ultrasound in aesthetic practice. 
    • For those opting for the all-encompassing 12ITP, we offer additional, in-depth modules:
      1. Hair Restoration Treatment:

This module dives into innovative hair restoration treatments, providing effective solutions to combat hair loss.

Hyaluronic Acid for Hydration:

Learn how hyaluronic acid injections can offer intensive skin hydration, promoting a youthful appearance.

      1. Mesotherapy:

This module unravels the world of Mesotherapy, a rejuvenation technique using micro-injections of essential nutrients for skin tightening and hair quality improvement.

      1. RF Fractional:

Gain mastery over RF Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling, a minimally invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Every module is intricately designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer popular aesthetic treatments.

Delving Deeper into the Learning Journey

As you traverse the course, you will be introduced to various treatment areas such as Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation & Contour, Oral Commussure, Nasolabial Folds, and Botulinum Toxin Type-A for full upper face area enhancement (Forehead, Frown lines, Crows feet). Our rigorous training ensures learners have a comprehensive understanding of these treatments and their benefits.


The course curriculum also includes modules on rejuvenation techniques like Mesotherapy and Vitamin B12 injections, a key nutrient for nerve and blood cell health. The course introduces RF Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling, a minimally invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation, and provides a thorough understanding of Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology, focusing on safe injection practices.


In the Hair Restoration Treatment module, learners will gain knowledge on combating hair loss effectively, leading to thicker, fuller, and healthier hair for their clients. The course also covers the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for intensive skin hydration, leading to a more youthful appearance.


The Life Support module, in alignment with the British Board of Aesthetic Science, covers “Adult Basic Life Support” and includes a section on “First Aid,” giving learners a comprehensive understanding of these vital skills. Lastly, our Complications Management module offers in-depth knowledge on preventing, recognizing, and dealing with potential complications from dermal filler and botulinum toxin treatments.

About our Curriculum

Our detailed curriculum outline for Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin includes three comprehensive manuals covering all aspects of these procedures, including an introduction, therapeutic mechanisms, treatment principles, client evaluation, aftercare information, preparation, product selection, injection techniques, management of adverse effects, procedure protocols, and practical experience.


Here’s a breakdown of the curriculum:


  1. MANUAL (1):




Dive into an aesthetic training scholarly examination of Botulinum Toxin Type-A and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Injections, tracing their historical trajectories and elucidating the scientific foundations of their compositions. Critically survey the spectrum of available products, punctuated by thoughtful economic contemplation.




Embark on a journey into the biological mechanics of Botulinum Toxin Type-A and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Injections, dissecting the intricacies of their operation. Harness your anatomical knowledge as a compass in this complex quest.




Decipher the clinical indications and contra-indications, unravelling the threads of wisdom that guide treatment strategies. Explore the dynamic dance of concomitant and combination procedures, a ballet choreographed by medical prudence.


  1. MANUAL (2):




Cultivate your skills in the art of preparation and product selection, a nuanced blend of scientific understanding and clinical acumen. Unpack the essentials of your professional toolkit, scrutinizing the spectrum of equipment and products.




Delve into the dynamics of pain management, mastering a diverse repertoire of injection techniques and nerve blocks. Envision each injection as a vital stitch in the tapestry of patient care.


  1. MANUAL (3):




Tackle the complexities of adverse effects head-on, armed with your knowledge of management strategies and the critical role of Hyaluronidase. Each challenge is an opportunity for professional growth and improved patient outcomes.




Refine your understanding of the procedure into a streamlined protocol, encapsulating the essentials in an equipment checklist and procedure checklist. This is your distillation of professional prowess, your roadmap to successful patient outcomes.




Translate your theoretical knowledge into practice, learning from expert demonstrations, clinic attendance, and case studies. This is the crucible where your knowledge is refined and your skills sharpened.




Venture into the appendices, a treasure trove of clinical tools and resources. Here you’ll find templates, a glossary, an introduction to BBAIM courses, and more – every tool a gem, every resource a key to unlocking your potential as a clinician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Glam Aesthetics Group's training programs unique?

Amid the vast tapestry of aesthetic instruction, a star sparkles with peculiar radiance - the Glam Aesthetics Group. Offering an inventive blend of virtual exploration and tangible experience, the tailored curricula weave together to create aesthetic practitioners, unparalleled in caliber and prowess.


What is the structure of the 8-ITP and 12-ITP programs?

Like an intricately crafted symphony, the 8-ITP and 12-ITP programs unfurl. Over the course of three intense, information-rich days, the harmonious dance of theoretical comprehension and hands-on application in the world of aesthetics is executed with unerring precision.

How much do the training programs cost?

In the grand bazaar of knowledge, the comprehensive 12-ITP is a prized artifact, priced at £3698. The foundational 8-ITP, with its enriching insights, stands at a value of £2698.

Are the training programs accredited?

Indeed! The 12-ITP program, a crown jewel in the treasure trove of aesthetic education, proudly holds a prestigious UK certification. It resonates in perfect alignment with the guidelines from Health Education England (HEE) and the General Medical Council (GMC).

Can I get Medical Malpractice Insurance after completing the 12-ITP program?

As you emerge from the enlightening journey of the 12-ITP program, a new horizon beckons - Medical Malpractice Insurance, achievable through our dependable insurance allies.

What subjects do the training programs cover?

These programs embark on a sweeping journey across a multitude of territories. From the Foundations in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers to a Masterclass in Microneedling, traversing the landscape of Complications Management and Life Support, and exploring further realms.

Do the courses provide practical experience?

Unquestionably! Our training methodology is a master craftsman, forging a seamless alloy where theoretical wisdom is exquisitely adorned with the gemstones of practical skills.

Who endorses these training programs?

Our programs receive laurels from a distinguished assembly. The British Board of Anti-ageing and Integrated Medicine, supreme medical institutions, illustrious national and international universities, and celebrated aesthetic societies worldwide all sing praises.

Can I open my clinic after completing these courses?

Picture yourself unveiling the doors to your clinic in the aesthetic industry. With the armory of knowledge and skills provided by our courses, this vision is not merely a dream, but an achievable reality.

What is the next step after completing these courses?

The final chapter leads to a new beginning. Step into the world of Glam Aesthetics Group and Dr. Osh, where a transformative journey towards a prosperous career in the mesmerizing domain of aesthetic medicine awaits.

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