Hairox Plus


360º complement for hair treatments in clinic: post PRP and hair transplantation. A perfect 360º synergy of high quality nutricosmetics and cosmetics, to ensure good and lasting results.

Indicated for androgenetic alopecia.



Hairox kit includes:

  • Hairox serum. Serum for the treatment of alopecia and hair loss with 5-alpha reductase inhibition, growth factors and epigenetic restart of the hair bulb.
    Nourishes the hair zone.
  • Hairox Shampoo is a complete shampoo that complements any hair treatment, thanks to its moisturizing, anti-hair loss and nutrition functions. Hairox Shampoo inhibits 5-alpha reductase and protects the hair follicle, essential in hair treatments.
  • Hairox nutricosmetics.It stops hair loss in men and women by inhibiting the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its studied composition slows hair loss, and also stimulates the growth of a shiny and resistant hair.


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